In 2003 New Eve Technologies, Inc. was founded to eliminate some of the issues small businesses face with traditional IT companies. We identified key areas that make business relationships difficult:

  • Sales people with a high base salary and large quotas… meaning the customer pays way more than they ought to for solutions they may not need.
  • Vendors that pressure the IT company to constantly churn and burn through customers for those big sales and “bleeding edge” products.
  • Annoying layers of middlemen: Account Executives, Sales People, Managers, etc… layers and layers of staff, all who get in the way when problems arise.
  • Technicians that don’t “do documentation.”

Our goal of addressing these challenges when we started proved to be the right thing to do. Instead of always seeking out that “new” customers with deep pockets for projects they may not need, we grew slowly and paid attention to our existing customer’s needs. We still do business with the customers we got back in 2003. Keeping customers happy has always been our goal and will continue to be. Some of the other issues we’ve seen are… (READ MORE…)